Estonian Cat Association ESTICAT is the first and only member of TICA (The International Cat Association) in Estonia. It is a big step for us as well as the Northern Europe because it will develop showing and breeding cats on a high level and it bonds people who fancy these fabulous felines.

TICA is most highly recognized system among cat breeders where the show results have high importance because of the qualified judges.

TICA has the largest genetic registry in the world! It brings together fanciers of different breeds of cats as well as household cats. This system has started from The United States of America and covers a large part of our world at this moment. TICA has lots of members and this number keeps growing by the minute.

Welcome to our family - become a member of ESTICAT today!  

Our main sponsor is PRIMACAT

Want to join us?

ESTICAT is always glad to take new members! If you are interested in the cat world of cat shows then you are welcome! Pick your membership type and send an application. ESTICAT members get different discounts!

Entry fee (one time only)€ 5
Breeder member
  • discounts from show fees;
  • TICA cattery added to our catteries list with link to website;
  • free adverts of litters on our website and social media;
  • participation in Best Cat in Estonia;
  • help with communicating with TICA;
  • option to join breeder's program of our main sponsor;
  • discount at Saku Small Animal Clinic.
€ 20 

Regular member

  • discounts from show fees;
  • participation in Best Cat in Estonia;
  • help with communicating with TICA.
€ 15
Two regular members from one family
€ 25
Junior member up to 18 years old
€ 8
Lifetime member
€ 250
Sponsoring member  Any person or company who wishes to support our club. Sponsoring members get their logo or banner to our website
€ 50
Membership lasts from 01 May - 30 April (TICA season).

Members from Estonia can order quality feed, litter and other pet products (for cats or dogs) from our main sponsor. More info via e-mail.

Email again:
Become a member of ESTICAT:
Payment info:
  • MTU Estonian Cat Association ESTICAT
  • IBAN: EE857700771000925760 (bank LHV)
  • Or with Paypal to: (+3 eur fee)
Sending the application I hereby agree to follow the regulations of TICA and ESTICAT.