The International Cat Association

The World's Largest Genetic Registry of Cats


A Global Leader in the Cat Fancy

What Sets TICA Apart?

Not only is TICA:

  • The world's largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats, and the world's largest registry of household pets
  • But we also are the only registry in the cat fancy and dog fancy that continues to have steady growth in our number of registrations around the world. And we continue to grow in the number of members and catteries in every continent.

TICA stands apart from other cat registries because we:

  • Recognize more new breeds than other cat fancy organizations
  • Allow household pets for the same titles and awards as pedigreed cats

TICA also ensures the future of the cat fancy through our Junior Exhibitors program and by mentoring new exhibitors and breeders.

To learn more about TICA, visit one of our upcoming shows near you.

Our Mission

To encourage our members to be caring, responsible owners and breeders of cats; and to work together to promote the preservation of pedigreed cats plus the health and welfare of all domestic cats.

To have the most accurate and comprehensive certified pedigree registry in the world.

To provide sanctioned cat shows which promote both pedigreed and non-pedigreed cats in a professional manner, and which are both enjoyable and educational for exhibitors, judges and the general public.

To encourage our members to take an active role in the community, to foster responsible spay/neuter awareness through public education, to become active in voluntary service at local animal shelters or outreach programs for schools and/or senior or disabled citizens, and to become involved in citizen advisory groups to foster responsible legislation regarding the health and welfare of cats.

To promote friendly relations between breeders in this country and other countries around the world.

To disseminate information to breeders, owners, exhibitors, and the general public concerning breeding, exhibition, improvement of breeds, the care and welfare of all cats; and to provide materials and information regarding feline issues of regional or national importance.

To set up a foundation to encourage research on feline health issues, and to provide readily available lists of resource materials on health issues to our members.

Our Objectives

  • The registration of the pedigrees of all breeds of felines and catteries;
  • The promulgation of rules governing the management of the Association and cat shows sanctioned by the Association;
  • The licensing of cat shows held under the auspices of the Association;
  • The establishment of comprehensive Standards for all breeds of domesticated cats;
  • The honoring of outstanding felines, their owners and breeders for their accomplishments;
  • The dissemination of information to promote the knowledge and interest of breeders, owners, exhibitors and the general public concerning the breeding, exhibition and improvement of breeds, and the care and welfare of all cats; and,
  • The promotion of educational and friendly relations between cat owners in this country and all other countries of the world.

Our Activities

TICA truly is an international organization. Our organization has members and clubs in Latin America, North America, Asia, Europe and Africa and continues to grow all around the world.

TICA recognizes fifty-five breeds of cats for championship competition - from the regal Siamese, exotic Bengal and exquisite Persian, to newer breeds including the Savannah, Kurilian Bobtail and Thai.

TICA also is the world's largest registry of household pet cats and kittens. Household pet cats and kittens adopted from shelters or rescued off the street, compete for titles and international and regional awards, just like pedigreed cats.

TICA shows are judged by highly respected members of the Cat Fancy who have completed an extensive apprenticeship and examination process which fully qualifies them to evaluate a quality cat show exhibit.

The TICA Executive Office, located in Harlingen, Texas, is a modern computerized office and has grown from a small operation to an efficient, fully-staffed executive organization. Each year the TICA Executive Office provides new services to our members, breeders and exhibitors to keep up with the growing needs of a rapidly expanding workload. A toll-free 800 number was installed to provide show information to exhibitors in the United States and Canada.

In keeping with the Mission and Policy Statements of TICA, the Feline Welfare Committee under the guidance of the Board of Directors, has adopted the Voluntary Cattery Evaluation Program and the Voluntary Code of Ethics. The goal is to provide education, information, and guidance to breeders so that they are aware of proper husbandry and cattery management techniques. The Voluntary Cattery Evaluation Program recognizes TICA Outstanding Catteries and TICA Catteries of Merit

Our History

On June 22, 1979 The International Cat Association was founded by Georgia Morgan, and a handful of cat enthusiasts. Their dream of building the most progressive, flexible and innovative cat registry in the world came true when TICA was formed.

TICA's first show was "A Midsummer Night's Dream" held at Fort Lewis, near Tacoma, Washington, on July 28, 1979. Other "first shows" were in Canada hosted by "White Hatters Cat Fanciers", on October 7, 1979, in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada; Hawaii hosted by "Mid-Pacific Cat Fanciers", on February 23, 1980, in Honolulu, Hawaii; Alaska hosted by "Alaskats", on May 3-4, 1980, in Anchorage, Alaska.

The first international region confirmed outside of North American was JAPAN. The first international show was hosted by the "All Japan Club", on March 2, 1980 in Nagoya, Japan. Since then TICA has grown to have a club and members in all 50 states of the United States, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

Our Future

TICA continues to work for the benefit of all felines, and looks to the future to provide a comfortable, pleasant and healthy life for all cats. Join TICA, purchase our YEARBOOK and follow the TREND in today's most innovative and progressive registry in the world.